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Able Disk Filter


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2-Pack (1 Std & 1 Fine)
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Made by the Able Brewing Company of California, this stainless steel filter is designed exclusively for use with the AeroPress coffee maker.

It replaces the paper filters normally used with the AeroPress.

The main benefits of using an Able stainless steel filter in your AeroPress:

  • A cleaner, purer flavour with no residual taste from using paper filters
  • Allows oils through that would otherwise be filtered out with a paper filter, further enhancing flavour and body
  • Easy to clean and care for and lasts a lifetime

Which filter should I choose?

Well, we would say “both”!


There will be differences in flavour and body depending on the type of disk you use…

Standard: Produces a full bodied cup with slightly more fines than the fine filter.  This filter is made of thicker stainless steel and is not easily damaged or bent.

Fine: Makes a sweeter, cleaner cup of coffee with very little to no fines at all.  It is quite a bit thinner than the standard disk, and so should be handled with care as it can bend

Also, depending on the coarseness or fineness of your grind, you can select the appropriate filter hole size to use.

For example, if your coffee is ground quite coarsely, then you would select the fine filter as the standard filter won’t allow enough pressure to build up when you press down the AeroPress.

Conversely, if your coffee is too finely ground, there might be too much pressure and you might not be able to successfully push the AeroPress plunger all the way down.


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Standard, Fine, 2-Pack (1 Std & 1 Fine)


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