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The AeroPress Coffee Maker by Aerobie

$59.00 $49.00

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This is the amazing AeroPress coffee maker that puts $1000-plus coffee machines to shame!

The Aerobie AeroPress makes an astoundingly good cup of flavourful coffee every single time.

AeroPress coffee tastes like it comes from an expensive machine, but the secret is in it’s simplicity. Place a measure of fine ground coffee into the AeroPress, add hot water, stir and wait for around one minute. Then, place the filter and cap on the AeroPress and plunge your way to coffee heaven.

It’s the ultimate caffeine machine for coffee lovers.

Note: We recommend the “Inverted AeroPress Method” for a better, more efficient coffee making process.  This technique is not explained in the official instruction manual, but you can find out how to do it by clicking here.


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