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Welcome to Caffeine Machine!  This website is dedicated to coffee lovers everywhere who just know that there must be a better and more economical way to enjoy *excellent* coffee.
Well, there is, and it’s called the AeroPress.  This ingenious little machine, which has a total of just three main parts, puts more expensive coffee machines to shame.
By cleverly using air pressure to extract all the delicious flavour out of your favourite coffee, you could be enjoying a cup of truly artisan coffee in next to no time, with absolutely minimal clean up, and at a cost per cup that would make Nespresso™ owners cough up their milk foam!
Click here to find out more, or buy an AeroPress right now by visiting the Caffeine Machine Online Store.

About Me

My love of good coffee started early in life.

My Italian mama would greet me in the morning
with a breakfast of milky coffee and crunchy toasted
Italian bread, which I would dip into my coffee.

Mum’s Italian coffee heritage rubbed off onto me in a huge way…

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Spilling the Beans

Whole or ground, fair trade to single origin.  Brazilian, Ethiopian, Sumatran, Kenyan and beyond…the vast array of coffee available today is enough so that even the most seasoned coffee aficionado will never get bored.

Life is way too short to drink bad coffee, and we’re all about sharing what we love best – the result of long searching for the best coffee we can find…